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PhD Nikolay Korablev

Educational and scientific degrees:
PhD, 2005 A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Moscow.
Higher education, 1999, Tver State University biological faculty, zoology department.

Research profile:
I pay special attention to Introduced and Reintroduced mammal species: European Beaver Castor fiber, Racoon Dog Nyctereures procyonoides, American Mink Neovison vison. The research focuses on morphological adaptations as well as on different aspects of viability populations beginning from limited numbers of founders.

1999–2007 Central-Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve, scientific and ecoeducational departments.
2007 – Present time State Agricultural Academy of Velikie Luki in a post of Assistant Professor.

Current research projects:
Ecologo-morpho-genetic analysis of native and introduced the raccoon dog populations.
Morpho-ecological adaptation of beavers’ Castor fiber reintroduced population: Central-Forest reserve as a case study.

Completed research projects:
Molecular-genetics investigation of raccoon dog populations introduced on the territory of Upper Volga Basin.
Assessment of a condition of carnivores’ populations of Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant area.
Habitat relations of large mammals in the protected area located in the southern boreal zone (Central Forest state nature biosphere reserve).
Microevolution processes in populations of beaver (Castor fiber) reintroduced in European part of Russia.

Additional functions:
Scientific support of hunting activities for landowners in Pskov region.
Member of creative collective Craniological laboratory of Central-Forest reserve

Awards and prizes:
BIOCONSUS Fellow, Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Bialoweiza, 2011
In 2007 was awarded by the Diploma of the Governor of the Tver region for achievements in wildlife management.

Last publications:
Introduction of Alien Species and Microevolution: The European beaver, Raccoon Dog and American Mink // Biology Bulletin, 2011, Vol. 38, No, 2 pp. 146–155. Pleiades Publishing, Inc.
The state of predatory mammal populations in the impact zone of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant as inferred from their phene pool// Russian Journal of Ecology, 2011 Vol. 42, No 4, pp. 288–295. Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

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