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Phd Amy Eycott

My research focuses on how species interact with landscape features, particularly in relation to dispersal. My ‘regular job’, which I’ve taken sabbatical from to join Bioconsus for five months, is at Forest Research, the research agency of the Forestry Commission of Great Britian. I joined Forest Research in November 2005, and I develop tools to evaluate biodiversity in fragmented landscapes and their application at various scales, and evaluate evidence on how the landscape affects species movement. Previously, I studied and worked at the University of East Anglia, where I completed a PhD entitled ‘Plant Population and Community Dynamics in a Forested Landscape’, and before that I studied Environmental Biology at the University of Wales Aberystwyth. I have concentrated on three topics during my fellowship:

•Can we use Ellenberg Indicator Values to define gaps? (with Bogdan Jaroszewicz of Warsaw University Geobotanical Institute)
•Do herbivore dispersal networks in Podlasie also function as seed dispersal networks?
•Who are the ‘gold star’ ungulates of seed dispersal?
I’ve also worked on whether seed dispersed by ungulates affects plant species composition in the Bialowieza National Park and on bison dropping deposition rates (with Katarzyna Daleszczyk of the Biolwieza National Park, BPN). I work mainly within the ‘Ecology of Natural Ecosystems’ research group at MRI-PAS, alongside Bogusia Jedrzejewska, Dries Kuijper and Marcin Churski.

Link to my research programme in the UK
Link to my staff profile in the UK
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