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The conference "Land use planning and protection of ecological continuity in northeastern Poland" took place
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The conference was attended by about 90 people. Among participants were present representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Regional Chambers of Town Planners, planning offices of voivodeship, the Marshal's Office and the Voivodeship Office in Bialystok, city and town councils, the Bialostocki and Hajnowski Poviat Councils, General Directorate of Roads and Highways in Bialystok, the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Bialystok, universities, environmental NGOs and design and consulting companies.
The conference participants listened to 13 presentations featuring environmental issues in the process of planning. The speakers presented environmental effects of urbanization and the legal, technical and administrative capacities of nature conservation in planning and zoning. They introduced the ways of prevention of the natural environment fragmentation and protection of the ecological continuity through, application of various methods (such as passages for animals). The legal procedures for planning at different stages: environmental impact assessments, studies, local development plans and conservation plans were presented. Among the examples of completed plans, which took into account the environmental aspects, were presentations about: the city of Lublin, Łomża Landscape Park of Narew River, borderland of pomorskie, warminsko- mazurskie and podlaskie voivodeships, and the Bison Land area (part of podlaskie voivodeship). One of the major points of the conference was the presentation by Ms. Krystyna Łazutka (Ministry of Infrastructure) on the proposed amendments to the spatial planning and development law.
The conference ended with a panel discussion led by Ms. Jolanta Przygońską, president of the Regional Chamber of Urban Planners, based in Warsaw. Both the discussion and the conference evaluation survey stressed the need for cooperation between planners and naturalists for more effective protection of ecological continuity in planning and zoning.

The Seminar Presentations
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