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The seminar "Conservation of biodiversity in sustainable forestry"
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The seminar was attended by about 170 people. There were present, among the others: Ministry of Environment, General Directorate for Environmental Protection in Warsaw, Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Białystok, Hajnówka Town Council, Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Białystok, General Directorate of State Forests and the regional directorates of SF, national and landscape parks, poviat authorities, environmental NGOs, universities and other research entities. Seminar participants listened to 19 presentations related to various aspects of forest biodiversity conservation. They were delivered by experts and practitioners. Presentations focused on the actions taken to protect biodiversity in selected Regional Directorates of State Forests, and research on some of the elements of nature in the woods.
The presented conservation activities in forests were, for example: biodiversity refuges in RDSF Szczecinek or saproxylic insects protection in the forests of Lower Silesia. The topics from the region referred to, among the others: the state of recognition of forest biocenose, or directions of change in forest management. The presented researches related to such nature elements as saproxylic insects, bird species of forests similar to natural, genetic resources. Seminar ended with a summary given by Ryszard Ziemblicki (Director of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok), Sławomir Bakier (Dean of the Branch Faculty of Environmental Management in Hajnówka) and Bogumiła Jędrzejewska (Leader of the Research Group "Ecology of Natural Ecosystems", Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences). All of them stressed the need for closer and closer ties between forest management and the science and its further improvement.
The evaluation questionnaire completed by seminar participants shows the usability of such meetings. 91% of respondents felt that the seminar met their expectations.
We would like to thank all the speakers and invited guests for coming and actively participating in the meeting.

The Seminar Presentations
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